Rooftop Reds

New York

Rooftop Reds - New York

Rooftop Reds is a winery located on the roof of a building in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. It has a beautiful view of lower Manhattan and serves great wine from grapes. On the rooftop you will find an actual vineyard in which Devin Shomaker and its team cultivate famous varieties of wine grapes thanks to a specific methodology they designed to carry out cultivation in an urban context.

In the spring of 2016, Rooftop Reds launched the world’s first commercially-viable urban rooftop vineyard in New York City. Our mission is ambitious, going well beyond merely bringing viticulture to the urban agriculture industry. Rooftop Reds is spearheading innovation in the New York State wine market and planting the seeds for a new generation of viticulture enthusiasts.

The Brooklyn Navy Yard might not be exactly what comes to mind when envisioning a terroir that is suitable for viticulture. But with the help of Finger Lakes industry leaders and Cornell University, we have developed a custom urban planter system. 42 of these planters cover our 14,800 square-foot rooftop at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Our vines, now in their 7th year, are robust and healthy and we have already produced a sustainable and completely Brooklyn vintage with their fruits, to take a tour of the urban vineyards and del Palmento, to finish with a tasting of wines and dishes from our territory.

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