Can Calopa de Dalt (L'Olivera)


Can Calopa

Can Calopa de Dalt is the last vestige of Barcelona's wine culture. Located at the heart of Collserola Natural Park, this 16th-century farmhouse preserves the last productive vineyard in town. There L'Olivera makes organic wines and olive oils, the only ones born in the Catalan capital. And it does so by promoting a non-profit project for people at risk of social exclusion.

L’Olivera leads an initiative of social agriculture that has been a pioneer in Spain since 1975, although it was not until 2010 when this worker cooperative decided to put together the best of two different worlds: the one originated in rural Catalonia and the other that arise from peri-urban areas. It was then that L’Olivera brought its expertise to bring Barcelona’s last vineyard back to life.

Throughout all these years, L’Olivera has preserved the agro-rural heritage of Barcelona by keeping alive an ancient farmhouse; growing grapes and vegetables; saving olive trees; making high-quality wines and oils; promoting local food and wine culture; fighting for the environment, protecting natural areas; embracing hundreds of other agri-food projects; claiming for better food systems; offering sustainable tourism and advocating for social economy while, least but not last, encouraging diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities in our society.

The result is a collection of artisanal and acclaimed organic wines and olive oils, a wine bar, a farm and a rural estate where savouring the past and tasting the future.

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