Laguna nel Bicchiere


Laguna nel Bicchiere - Venezia

The Laguna nel Bicchiere Association was born from the curiosity of Flavio Franceschet, who in 1993 made the discovery of the lagoon’s vineyards and, in particular, of the vegetable garden-vineyard of San Francesco della Vigna on the island of Sant’Elena. He then began to involve the children of the middle school in which he taught in the exciting stages of wine production, making them crush the must with their feet and releasing its smell throughout the school. Participation then expanded to other schools and the places of the harvest diversified over the years: from San Francesco della vigna to Sant’Elena, from the former Veneziana Gas area, to Sant’Erasmo and finally to the Scarpa Volo area in Mazzorbo.

“Lagoon in a glass – The rediscovered vineyards” is a non-profit association, which therefore has the purpose of recovering the abandoned vineyards of the Venice lagoon, safeguarding a tradition and protecting an original and almost unknown landscape, revealing its hidden city-countryside relationship . The didactic purpose is to cultivate the knowledge of the territory by perceiving the colors, smells, flavors of the seasons and the earth. In the constitution of Urban Vineyards Association, the association participates with its President and legal representative Renzo De Antonia, retired architect and teacher, for many years engaged in voluntary work, especially in sports, first as a company manager and then for 15 years at the helm of CONI. Provincial of Venice, and for three years at the helm of the association for the premature death of its founder Flavio Franceschet

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