Sustainable Beauty
will save the World

The Urban Vineyards Association (UVA) was born with the aim of protecting the rural, historical and natural heritage represented by urban vineyards and enhancing it from a cultural and tourist point of view, making it productive for the community and for the future while respecting the environment.

Through wine, and social policies of integration and sustainability.

A Vineyard is not just a gentle hilly landscape. Vineyard can also mean city-life: the unexpected green in the concrete jungle; the colors of tradition and earth, which transforms the boundaries of the city into a new horizon.

These are urban vineyards, unique crops within a metropolitan area. An agricultural, historical and cultural heritage of enormous value, the vines grown within the cities are often real treasures of biodiversity: the most ancient varieties, in some cases very rare biotypes in the ampelographic panorama of a region, have been propagated through the ages, surviving other, more productive or profitable types.

That is why an association was born to bring the Urban Vineyards together in an international network, which can promote historical recovery projects and cultural, landscape and tourist enhancement actions.

The tradition of the earth suddenly emerging from the futurism of the city.

Grapes for the sake of grapes. And grapes for the sake of the city, in fact metropolitan vineyards also reveal to be an eco-management tool, which contributes to urban sustainability.

Do more with less. A simple but significant contribution to the city, like wine is for the table.

Our Team

Nicola Purrello - President

Our story begins in 1790 with the foundation in San Gregorio di Catania of a vineyard  ith cellar, by one of our ancestors. After more than 200 years, 8 cousins ​​decide to resume our family tradition, replanting rooted cuttings of Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio and Carricante. Our district, historically one of the most rich in vineyards on on Etna’s slopes, has in the meantime been reached and surrounded by the growing city of Catania, and nevertheless it preserved a rich historical and anthropological heritage, highly representative of historical viticulture on Etna.
Thus was born Etna Urban Winery.

Nicola Purrello - Presidente di UVA

Eric Sureau - Vice President

“Clos Montmartre is a miracle: the vineyard is a very small piece of land squeezed between the buildings, under the wing of the church of the Sacred Heart, yet it produces about a thousand half-liter bottles of rosé. But above all it attracts thousands of people for the harvest festival. Having vineyards in the city and creating shared synergies is essential to resist and activate a winning commercial strategy, both from a cultural and social point of view: all the proceeds of Clos Montmartre, for example, are used to carry out social actions in the 18th arrondissement.”


Renzo De Antonia - Board Member

“The goal of Laguna nel bicchiere (Lagoon in a glass) is to recover old traditions, save pieces of land, but above to cooperate with schools, to make it clear that a city like Venice is not only a matter of stones, but there are also agricultural important agricultural productions.”

Renzo De Antonia

Olga Voutsikaki - Board Member

Thessaloniki City Vineyard
The City Vineyard

Olga is an expert in urban agriculture and food policies through her collaboration with the Municipality of Thessaloniki in the Food Trails Horizon 2020 project. Within the context of the Urban Vineyards Association, Olga acts as a representative of the extraordinary urban vineyard initiative of Thessaloniki, an urban cultivation that has radically transformed the life of the local community.

Her passion for the environment and design has led her to specialize in outdoor architecture and agricultural landscape design, convinced that intelligent and sustainable design is the starting point for every good project.


Pau Moragas - Board Member

Agricultural engineer and oenologist, having studied at various universities in Catalonia (Polytechnic University of Catalonia, University of Lleida), Portugal (ISA Lisbon), and France (Montpellier SupAgro). Since 1996, he has been a worker-member of L'Olivera, a cooperative social inclusion project that produces high added value wines and oils in a rural environment (Vall del Corb, Lleida) and peri-urban (Masia Can Calopa). He is currently the production manager and vice-president.

His professional career has developed within L'Olivera, where he has participated in different work areas as well as numerous projects and trips in Europe. From L'Olivera, he coordinates the viticulture area of the Costers del Segre Denomination of Origin and participates on the board of directors of ADV Ecológica Terres de Ponent, the network of olive growers and oil producers of Catalonia (XOOC), and the Associació Vall del Corb for local development. He lives with his family in the small town of Vallbona de les Monges.


Luca Balbiano - Honorary President

The vineyard of Villa della Regina is a story of love and beauty. The Queen’s Vineyard is in fact a little miracle, not only for the astonishing beauty it offers, but also because the vineyards, although so young, produce remarkable wines. When we accepted this challenge almost 15 years ago, we never imagined we could go this far.\ My family has been producing Freisa di Chieri for over 75 years, but this is a particulary special wine, born from a historic, long time lost vineyard. We agreed to replant it in order to return its grapes and wine to Turin.

Luca Balbiano

David Bérard

The Association Compagnons des Côtes du Rhône brings together about fifty passionate volunteers who are committed to supporting the promotion of wines from the Côtes du Rhône and its capital Avignon, through cultural, environmental and historical heritage. To achieve this goal, the Compagnons des Côtes du Rhône are creators of popular, festive and media driven events based on the values ​of sharing, conviviality and cultural exchange.

David Berard

Paolo Corbini

“Our recovery model can be replicated in any city where there are wine productions and ancient vines to be rediscovered. Italy is very rich in this heritage and today it represents a new added value for our oenology.”

Paolo Corbini

Umberto Bonifacino



Alessandro Cotroneo

A forgotten story links Leonardo da Vinci to the city of Milan: the story of a vineyard. The vineyard that Ludovico il Moro, Duke of Milan, gave to Leonardo in 1498, and which is finally reborn today, respecting the original grape variety.

Alessandro Cotroneo

Alessandro Marzotto

San Francesco della Vigna

“The Santa Margherita company has decided to devote itself with passion to the protection of the oldest vineyard in Venice, putting its technical competence at the service of the friars who have kept it for centuries.”

Alessandro Marzotto

Alessio Planeta

Alessio Planeta, CEO and Technical Director of Planeta Agricultural Enterprises, is a prominent figure in the Italian wine industry. Born in Menfi (AG), on October 18, 2023, Planeta was awarded the prestigious title of "Winemaker of the Year" at the twenty-fourth edition of the “Wine Star Award”, bringing Italy to the top of the ranking after sixteen years. In addition to his role in the family business, Alessio Planeta is now Vice President of the Consorzio di Tutela Vini Doc Sicilia, which manages the Vigna del Gallo in the Orto Botanico of Palermo. His dedication and commitment have significantly contributed to the recognition and promotion of Sicilian wines on an international level.

Alessio Planeta

Devin Shomaker

Devin came from an entrepreneurial background before establishing Rooftop Reds while a viticulture student. After graduating from George Mason University with a marketing degree, Devin’s employment focused on business development, sales management and event coordination. After returning from a successful stint in China, Devin assisted several startups in Washington, DC, leading their sales production and business relation efforts. Then he enrolled in Finger Lakes Community College’s Viticulture and Wine Technology program in The Finger Lakes region of Western New York State. Being exposed to all sides of the wine industry inspired Devin to form Rooftop Reds, which officially opened to the public in April 2016 in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Devin Shomaker

Gérard Truchet

La République defends the traditions of Lyon and in particular of Croix-Rousse, a plateau that hosts our vineyards in the Parc de la Cerisaie. The annual festival of La République, with its parade and the gathering that are held on this occasion, have become a real tradition of Croix-Rousse and the whole territory.

Gerard Truchet

Maria Teresa Buttigliengo

Mariateresa Buttigliengo, an established professional with senior roles in prestigious companies, is also passionate about art and culture. This passion led her to Villa della Regina, where she was invited in 2015 to participate in a fundraising initiative for the restoration of the North Belvedere. Struck by the charm of the place, she became a member of the Friends of Villa della Regina Association and is now its President. Convinced that nothing happens by chance, Mariateresa continues to work to preserve and promote the ancient splendor of this UNESCO heritage site.

Mariateresa Buttigliengo

Piero Moroni

At the beginning of the 1800s, brothers Alessandro and Pietro Moroni commissioned the architect Giacomo Bianconi, a student of Piermarini, to transform the ancient building of Villa Moroni into a neoclassical palace, in line with the fashion of the time. Bianconi chose the Royal Palace of Monza as his model, giving the existing structure its current neoclassical appearance and architecturally integrating all the rustic buildings of the agricultural estate.

Piero Moroni

Michelangelo's vineyard - Florence



Hollywood Classic Wines - Los Angeles